Vacant Staging

Contact me with details about your property and I will be able to give you a specific quote. Rates always include the following items:

  • Staging Design
  • Selecting Furnishings
  • Packing and Loading
  • Furnishings Delivery
  • Staging Installation
  • Rental of furniture, artwork, and accessories
  • Destaging and inventory pickup.

Owner Occupied Staging

Detailed Staging Report

This is an in-home consultation perfect for the DIY home seller. I will be using a detailed Staging Report where the client and I will go over everything that needs to be done to get the best possible price for their home. We will go through the whole house room by room, and following a specific design process, I will give the client objective, expert advice so that the client can do the staging work themselves.
This consultation can last up to 2 hours.
If the home is larger than 2500 sq. ft with multiple staging areas, there could be additional time cost.

Mini Home Makeover

In this mini makeover we will go over the Detailed Staging Report, as well as work together to stage the main areas of the home right away. In just a few hours, using what you already own, we can make a huge difference.
This service can take up to 4 hours in the home as well as a 2 hour of consultation.

One Day Home Makeover

If you have a larger home that will need more than a few hours of work, this service is for you! Following the Detailed Staging Report, we will work together to stage the main areas of your home using what you already own.
This service can take up to 7 hours in the home as well as a 2 hour consultation.

Ultimate Home Makeover

With this service, following the Detailed Staging Report, I will spend 2 days prior to your Open House getting your home ready for the perfect buyer.

Shopping Service

After creating a budget with the client, I will purchase accessories that will serve as investments in the sale of the home.

AirBnB/Furnished Rental

If you need help setting up a new rental, or refurbishing an existing one, I can help you make the right choices, pick the right furniture, and accessories so your rental property. Pictures make a huge impact on whether or not your property gets rented, so let’s make them amazing!


Not only can I help you stage your home, I can also help you pack and organize, as well as unpacking once you are in your new home.